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2007 NRL & AFL ALSFITT Footy Tipping Competition!
For those that are interested, the online 2007 ALSFITT NRL & AFL Footy Tipping Competitions are ready to start. If you are interested please contact for the Competition Name & Password.
ALSFITT 2006 NRL & AFL Footy Tipping Competition!
For those that are interested, it's congratulations to Flash on winning the online ALSFITT 2006 AFL Footy Tipping Competition with the WebMaster coming a very close second. The WebMaster actually won the 2006 NRL Tipping Competition. I will run these competitions again next year and I may just have some sort of a prize or prizes next year.
News FLASH of the century!
It's finally happened. Flash & Daisy are proud parents of their new bundle of joy 'Tamsyn Lyla' born 22 Jul 2006 at 2352 pm. Mum, Dad & Tamsyn are all doing well! Photos maybe available next update.
REUNIONS ~ Adelaide & Tweed Heads
For more information check the events pages!
WANTED ~ Newsletter Articles
If you have any articles you would like to share with your friends/comrades please send them to the WebMaster (alsfitt-at-yahoo.com) and I will post them on here!
Faulty E-Mails
Every time I send out e-mail bulletins/newsletters/notifications I get lots of e-mails that bounce back. After a few attempts I have no choice but to delete these e-mail addresses from the database. So if you want to stay in contact and receive notification it's up to you to ensure your e-mail address is current and working. One way of doing that is by getting yourself a 'lifetime' e-mail address at www.bigfoot.com which you can redirect to your home e-mail. Additionally, you can alter your home e-mail (ie: MS Outlook) to reply as your bigfoot account when you send e-mails from your home account. That way when you change IPSs (which is very common these days) you don't have to contact everyone, you only have to change your re-direction in www.bigfoot.com. It's that simple, and you won't lose contact with people!
Details added to Pictures
I have included the names of course members with each picture. Some members in the photos haven't been identified so if you know them please let me know and I will add their names. I have a few bits of information for some of the other pictures which I will add at some stage, hopefully by the next update. If you have any information and/or you wish to correct/add/alter information about the pictures please contact the Webmaster!
Picture Galleries
I have put 2 copies of each picture gallery within the site. This is so that the unfortunate people who don't have Broadband (or fast dial-up) can open the picture gallery pages without waiting for ages and they only view the pictures they click on. As for the lucky ones who have Broadband, the High Speed (HS) pages load faster and you only have to move your cursor over the thumbnails to view the large pictures!
Paul Mason
At 6pm on Saturday 22nd April, Paul Anthony Mason, suffered a fatal heart attack during a Rugby League game between Mallabula and West Wallsend clubs, being played at West Wallsend. He was just 41 years young. Known to most as “Changa” he was a Sergeant in the Royal Australian Air Force, a member of the Mallabula Panthers Rugby League Club, resident of Karuah, and much loved and respected member of the wider community. This tragedy has touched many, especially his beloved wife Faye and their children Kuzara (14years) and Adrian (10years).

Rest in Peace Changa!

See [Stories/'Changa' Mason] for more info about Changa.
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Newsletter #9
For more news and articles check out [News/Newsletter 9].