3SQN History

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31 Mar 1986 - 2006

3SQN Hornet tanking off B707 on way to Tindal 1995 ~ Photo Paul Mason

3SQN became the first RAAF SQN to convert to the F/A18 Hornet, the first jets arriving on the 29 August 1986. 60 Minutes did a feature on the Hornet using 3SQN as its base. The SQN did early deployments to New Zealand and the Philippines before settling in to regular deployments to Malaysia, Tindal, Townsville and Darwin. 3SQN had the honour of being the first Hornet unit to deploy to the USA when they participated in Cope Thunder in Alaska. In 2001 the world was rocked by the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York. Australia deployed fighter jets away to Diego Garcia in support of operations against the terrorists in Afghanistan, with 3SQN doing the second three month stint after 77SQN.

  • Paul Butler,
  • Al Pettigrove,
  • Paul Daniher,
  • Scott Laskey,
  • Pat Babin,
  • John Turner,
  • John Stanley,
  • Mick Adams,
  • Aaron Binns,
  • Mark Brindell,
  • Barry O’Connor,
  • Jack McCosker,
  • Peter Von Eitzen,
  • Cathy Stevenson,
  • Craig Cotton,
  • Kevin Bell,
  • Gavin Wells,
  • Al Kendall,
  • Paul Mason,
  • Alf Garnett,
  • Andrew Willis,
  • Paul McKenna,
  • John Cowie,
  • Darren Worth,
  • Geoff Mackney,
  • Michael Johnson,
  • Marita Gibbs,
  • Kyton Weeks,
  • Sebastian Crombie,
  • Erin Schumann,
  • Marty Berry,
  • Brenton Wilson,
  • Frank Horne,
  • Wayne Locke,
  • Craig McKenzie,
  • Cameron Keding.

3SQN Flying Clothing Section 1995 ~ Photo Paul Mason

Mirage pilots at Darwin during 1968. ~ 3SQN Photo

SGT Kevin “Dinga” Bell, LAC Paul “Changa” Mason and FLTLT Pulford instructing 3SQN Aircrew on Parachute drills 1997. Helmet is a GENTEX HGU-55/P, the life preserver is a SECUMAR AUS-2 and the G-Suit is a CSU-13B/P. The green pack on the ground is the SKU-5/A survival pack which contains the Liferaft and survival aids. There is no tree escape for Hornet Pilots. ~ Photo 3SQN Life Support

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