76SQN History

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1 Jan 1989 – 22 Oct 2000
76SQN Macchi with a very appropriate number, 076. Photo RAAF

76SQN reformed for a fourth time on the 1January 1989, taking over the training of pilots on the Macchi. 76SQN also took control of the Forward Air Control flight (C flight) and its Winjeel aircraft. Life support equipment consisted of the SECUMAR AUS-2 life preserver, CSU-13 B/P G-suit, MEL Aviation P & Q Oxygen masks and GENTEX HGU-26/P helmets, all used in the Macchi and ALPHA helmets being used in the Winjeel. The HGU-26/P was replaced by the HGU-55/P and the old parachute used in the Winjeel was replaced by the T-103.

By 1994 the Winjeel was replaced in the FAC role by the PC-9/A. In 1997 the FAC role was taken over by 77SQN and the PC-9’s and all the equipment moved across to 77SQN.

  • Murray Fitzgerald,
  • Chris Read,
  • Alex James,
  • Matthew Dunne,
  • Tim Hanrahan,
  • Glen Stoddart,
  • John Bube,
  • Gavin Wells,
  • Al Kendall,
  • Sandy Allen,
  • Shaun Burnett,
  • Peter Williams,
  • Les Cardy,
  • Lorelei Mollard,
  • Peter Boraso,
  • John Ryan,
  • Shane Linwood,
  • Craig Cotton,
  • Andy Kendrick,
  • Stuart Brooker,
  • Alf Garnett.

FAC Flight Winjeel at Williamtown. ~ Photo RAAF.

Macchi climbing out of Williamtown. Helmet is a HGU-26/P fitted with a MEL 'P & Q' oxygen mask. The life preserver is a SECUMAR AUS-2. ~ Photo RAAF.

Tim Hanrahan fits up Mike Munro from Channel 9’s A Current Affair for a back seat ride in a Macchi. ~ Photo 76SQN.

FAC Flight Pilatus PC-9/A. ~ Photo RAAF.

22 Oct 2000 – 2006
HAWK Mk 127
76SQN Hawk especially painted for display purposes, 2003. ~ Photo Paul Mason.

76SQN converted to the Hawk Mk 127 in October 2000. A few minor changes for the ALS fitters were the pilots originally wearing Alpha helmets due to a noise problem in the back of the Hawk. The HGU-55/P was modified and is now back in use with the 2000 series 'P & Q' masks. The PEC or personnel equipment connector is also maintained by the ALSFITTs, a throw back to Mirage days as the Mirages also had a PEC.

76SQN life support also has a civvie ALSFITT (Kevin Bell - ex RAAF now civilian) working in the section, a first for the SQN.

  • Alf Garnett,
  • Andrew Swan,
  • Sebastian Crombie,
  • Jonathan Knowles,
  • John Bube,
  • Kevin Bell,
  • Matt Hanley,
  • Paul Wakelam.
  • Lorelei Mollard,
  • Kyle Pinker,
  • Richard Bartle,


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