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Reunions in the Adelaide area


A reunion is being organised in the Adelaide area in October 2006. If you wish to attend please contact the for details.

The reunion will coincide with an ALSFITT conference which is proposed to be held around the same time. Confirmation on the date of the reunion will be announced as soon as a final decision has been made regarding the conference. Hopefully, we will get as many as the 2001 reunion or maybe even as many as the 1998 one.


A reunion was held at La Porchetta's restaurant, Cinema 8 Complex, Salisbury on 21st November 2002 in Adelaide.   Only Ron Munro, Barra, Al & Jan turned up. So after a few drinks, a nice meal and a few warries it was all over. There is a possibility of another one next year if ALSLMU hold the Life Support Conference.


The 2001 Adelaide reunion was held on 27th October 2001 at the RAAF Base Edinburgh Airmen's Club.  Approximately 15 people plus a few wives turned up and had a great time as can be seen by the pictures below.  There were a few that had promised they were coming but didn't turn up.  Finger food and a BBQ was catered for a small fee, and drinks were served with a huge smile by the gorgeous Lisa (just check out the pics).

  • Paul Butler
  • Dick Hobby
  • Ron Munro
  • Brad Pink
  • Col Evan
  • Hoots Houthuysen
  • Rob Griffin
  • Graham Jones
  • Phil Milde
  • Al & Jan
  • Dick Szmelter
  • Hap Hammond (Vic)
  • Trevor & Dawn May (Cairns)
  • Mal & Lisa Lockyer
  • Eddie & Anne VanDerZwan
Other members wishing to attend that I received apologies from;
  • Simon Panario
  • Steve Webb
  • Steve Hayes (Perth)
  • Simon Dakin (Oakey)
  • Steve Tetley (Darwin)
  • Gav Wells (Mel)
  • Steve Bowman (Amberley)
  • Curley Russell (Perth)

cameraTo check out the other photos click here!


A reunion was held Adelaide in October 1998 at the Edinburgh SGTs Mess.  There were 55 people at the reunion, coming from a good mix of retired and serving personnel.  This was helped by LSLMFLT convening a Life Support conference the following week.

  • Mick Adams
  • Mark Aston
  • 'Flash' & 'Daisy' Baldwin
  • 'Barra'
  • Greg Bayne
  • Peire Boraso
  • Wayne Brechin
  • Rod Brown
  • Paul Butler (SA)
  • Craig Cotton
  • Simon Dakin
  • Paul Dixon (SA)
  • Mick Francis
  • Rob Griffin (SA)
  • Tony Hall (SA)
  • Snoopy Halloran
  • Dick Hamill (VIC)
  • Junior Hangan (WA)
  • Glen Henderson
  • Bob Hixon & Wife (SA)
  • Dick Hobby (SA)
  • Hoots Houthuysen (SA)
  • 'Shorty' Howe (QLD)
  • 'Howie'
  • Ron Ipsen & Wife (NSW)
  • Russell Jackson
  • Mark Jeffrey
  • Al & Jan
  • Andy Kendrick
  • Mal Lockyer
  • Brian Lusher (SA)
  • Pete Martyn
  • Phil Milde (SA)
  • 'Milo' Millington
  • 'Rambo' Millington
  • Simon Panario
  • Russ Platt (SA)
  • Stu Rawlinson
  • Kev Roach (SA)
  • Curly Russell (WA)
  • Mick Sharman
  • Len Stainer
  • Dave Tener
  • Carl Thompson
  • Eddie VanDerZwan (SA)
  • Tony VanEynde
  • Rod Verney
  • Rudy Vitasz
  • Steve Webb
  • 'Shorty' Whetland
  • Don Young (SA)