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Reunions in the Melbourne area


If anyone wishes to organise a reunion in the Melbourne area please contact the and I will advertise it on the site as well as send e-mails to all those on the ALSFITT e-mailing list.
It is easy to do, all that is necessary for anyone wishing to organise a reunion is to;

  • find a venue,
  • preferably where drinks & food can be purchased without having to cater for it,
  • which has a reasonable central location,
  • that public transport be accessible, and
  • then just pick the date and time.

One other thing to consider is that if planned during the holiday season, it may be difficult for people to get accommodation & travel.
Let me know and I will advertise it for you.  I will also give you a list of names (complete with addresses, phone numbers & e-mails) of current and past members that live in VIC and the surrounding areas.


A reunion was organised to be held in Melbourne in 2002. Unfortunately, only three people notified Hap that they wished to attend. Accordingly, it was cancelled and plans have been put in place to have one another time.