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Reunions in the Townsville area


A reunion will be held in Townsville on Sun, November 8th, 2009 at the Sea View Hotel on the Strand. Quite a few have uttered an interest in this one. I will have a few Patches, Keyrings & Stubby Coolers available for purchase.



A reunion was held in Townsville on Sat 5th Feb 2005 at the Sea View Hotel on the Strand. There was a reasonable turn out mixed with past and present members. I also think there could have been others that where there but could not find us. There was also a couple that had traveled from Adelaide & Richmond.

  • John Mitchell
  • Wayne & Karen Brechin
  • Wayne Greenslade
  • George Morgan
  • Keith McArdle & partner
  • WebMaster
The following had intended on coming but unfortunately couldn't make it;
  • 'Shorty'
  • Murray Griffin
  • Gary Hegarty
  • 'Yoges'
  • Melvin 'Doc' Holiday
  • Chris Read