Aircraft Life Support Fitter,
Safety Equipment Worker & Fabric Worker


This list includes all known Fabric Workers, Safety Equipment Workers & Aircraft Life Support Fitters, currently residing overseas. (NOTE) If for any reason you do not wish to be listed, and/or have your e-mail attached to your name please notify the .

I have SOME of the addresses for the members listed below. If you wish to contact them, with your details, and the name of member you would like to contact. After confirming you are/were an ALSFITT/SEW/Fabby, and if I have it, I will send you their address and/or phone number.

If I have an e-mail address for any member, their name will be underlined. If you wish to contact them, click on their name and send them an e-mail.

If you believe this information to be incorrect, or have any other information to expand the ALSFITT members list, or want your email linked to your name, please contact the !