Aircraft Life Support Fitter,
Safety Equipment Worker & Fabric Worker

2000 Newsletter No 2

Vol: 2

Date: 31 Dec 2000

Webmaster Welcome

Welcome to the second issue of the ALSFITT Newsletter on the web! The first of the web based newsletters has been a great success. I have had lots of comments about the first newsletter, and I have received lots of pictures, clipping & articles as well as being promised lots of stories for future additions. Well, although this is not an official site I do request that your articles be kept on the clean side as I don't want this site banned from being viewed on intranet computers. So send me your articles and I will add them to this newsletter.

The idea of the newsletter is to bring news to all fellow ALSFITT's, SEW & Fabric Workers past and present. It can detail the things that are happening at your place of work and/or the social antics of your comrades around the various units. It could also detail the successes people have made since their release to the outside. Truth and accuracy should never stand in the way of a good funny yarn! I'm hoping the publishing of the newsletter on the web will be a great morale booster and hope all members look forward to its regular release.

Webmaster ALERT!
For security reasons this webpage has had all current events and news removed. From now on there will only be historical news and information in the web-based newsletters.

P.S. The webmaster reserves the right to edit articles of an extremely sensitive nature.

Past and/or present members, I need you to send me your articles (stories, pictures and/or graphics) if you want this newsletter to survive on the web. Any good stories will be included in the stories section of the site. Any pictures will be added to the pictures section of the site. Any information about past or present members will be amended in the member's lists area of the site. Any items for sale will be included in the products section of the site. Also if members wish to advertise their businesses I will add a link of your site in the links area of the site.

Let us know what you think and encourage everyone to check out this newsletter, it has great potential. I will try to correlate all the info I receive and keep everyone informed on the whereabouts of all ALSFITTs, SEWs & Fabric Workers past and present serving in the RAAF, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or anywhere else they may be.


The ALSFITT WEB WORM is the replacement for 'Dear Coly'. The worm is likely to pop up any where any time. If you have anything that you think the worm should know about, please tell the . All things the worm sees or hears will go in this section. Things that the worm has seen or heard recently are:

  • I was sent this letter of resignation from a recently discharged member, and
  • X-File alert........ A DEV-iot ALSFITT from Edinburgh was reported to have given birth to an Orion aircraft in Tindal. Last reports from the top end said the member was seen with an Orion protruding from his head when the member fell to the ground exhausted after the delivery. There was some blood but the delivery other wise went smoothly and the ALSFITT and aircraft are both doing well. Investigation has discovered the member is back in SA and when last sighted had the scars on his head were confirmed as proof of this amazing event. Agent Mouldy is attempting to track the father down.
Recent Discharges

The following members have discharged recently, (or soon will be);

Shane Linwood, Emilio Carceller, Murray Griffin, Pete Crawley, Richard 'Rick' Gordon, Tony Alsopp, Jason Thompson, John Hampson, Robert Parrington, Kurt 'Hurricane' Holland, Noel 'not quite a hurricane' Willy Wilson, Tracy Read, Scott O'Neil, Graham 'Penny' Paull, Scott Cowley, Greg Thornton, Ivan Horne, Peter Bradbury, Nancy Friend, Adrian Harmer, Scott Robbins, Eleanor Cameron, Les McMillian.

ALSFITT Reservists Search

I have been asked to search around and seek out all the ALSFITT Reservists. Once I get the names I will add a page within the site with all their names and hopefully E-Mail contacts as well. By having a list of Reservists and their contact, it will make it easier for anyone looking for someone to do some relief manning. So if you are a serving Reservists, or know of a serving Reservists, please contact the webmaster with the details.


This segment is designed to keep you informed of where your fellow trade members are now. This can either be 'retired members' or 'serving members'. If you know the whereabouts of your fellow members, drop me a line and I will include them in here.
Some members of note are:

  • Hal Blanchard - Gold Coast,
  • Mick Burns - Adelaide,
  • Gav Wells - Melbourne,
  • Kev Roach - Adelaide,
  • Laurie Prasard - Perth,
  • Shane Linwood - Amberley,

......and I'm sure you'll tell me about lots more..........
In the next edition I have will included an article on one of our past members now (in his retirement) residing in Brisbane. Guess who?