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2006 Newsletter No 9

Vol: 9

Date: 28 Aug 2006

Webmaster Welcome

Ok I know it's been a while but finally, another newsletter. Yes it's been a few months now since the last one but this one is not as packed as that last big one because it's was 3 years worth...

For those that didn't know, the site was taken offline for security reason due the the nature of some of the content within the site. The site content has been thoroughly reviewed and all suspect information removed. Accordingly, from now on there will only be historical news and information within the site.


Also, for those that are interested, it's congratulations to Flash on winning the online ALSFITT AFL Footy Tipping Competition with the WebMaster coming a very close second. The WebMaster actually won the NRL Tipping Competition. I will run these competitions again next year and I may just have some sort of a prize or prizes next year.


I'm very close to purchasing some ALSFITT Key Rings. They will be similar to the pic's below and about $8.00 each. I will advertise them on the Products page and via e-mail when I receive them.

keychain keychain back


I'm also very close to purchasing some ALSFITT Stubby Coolers. Again, they will be similar to the pic's below and about $6.00.

stubby cooler front stubby cooler back

Again, I will advertise them on the Products page and via e-mail when I receive them.


P.S. The webmaster reserves the right to edit articles of an extremely sensitive nature.

This is a collection of info I have received over the past few months.


I received information from one of our members about the Armourers Reunion being held at Tweed Heads on the 4 Nov 06. You can find more info about this reunion in the Events pages.


NEWS FLASH. Flash & Daisy are the proud parents of their gorgeous little baby girl Tamsyn Lyla Baldwin born on 22 July 2006 at 11.52 pm, weighing in at 2690g, and measuring 46cm in length. Congratulations to all of you from all of us!


Apart from Flash & Daisy's little girl a few other ALSFITT babies have been born over the past few months. Some them are; Haze & Zoe's little Lachlan, Arnie & Karen's triplets, Jessica, Chelsea and Hannah [conceived naturally (go Arnie)].

Congratulations to all of you from all of us!


I believe that Skinny Tucker now lives in Brisbane north somewhere. Can anyone confirm this?


I'm writing to ask your assistance in getting photos of RAAF jet age flight gear/helmets/life support items etc. I have the current issue items pretty much covered thanks to mates who are ALSFITTS in Willy, Amberley and Oakey. I am also trying to get a indepth look at squadron taped or painted logos/flashes etc on helmet visor covers. My main purpose in this will be the release of a research paper detailing the type usage in RAAF with photos and will be presented to the RAAF Museum Library for people to study over the years to come. Currently in the RAAF Museum Library, they have practically nothing except a couple manuals on SPH-4 and HGU-2 helmets...

We are restoring a Mk1a Helmet ( without visor) this one had goggles worn instead and has never been drilled out for a visor. Its currently in a mottled green colour, but had been repainted over the original silver. We are looking at restoring it to a 2Sqn helmet or Aerobatic Display team like Black diamonds/Marksman etc. But cannot find any photos of RAAF Mk1s.

What I'm hoping is that you may know someone who can help me in this research.
Yours Sincerely,

Vice-President - Caboolture Warplane & Flight Heritage Museum


An anonymous member wrote in and thought he should tell the story of the day he setup Terry New...
I pretended to be a pilot in a CT4 ...waiting for Terry to be strapped in, he could not see my face due to my helmet visor being down... When he was ready, he said "thanks sir for the trip", I replied "that's OK, but where do I put the F'ing keys in to start this bitch", then he realised he was set up by me when I then said "you've been NEWted"

Assorted Pic's

This pic was sent in by a fellow member. If you have any idea as to who the picture is of, please contact the and I will add it to the picture galleries with details.

guess who


ALSFITT Reservists Search

I have been asked to search around and seek out all the ALSFITT Reservists. Once I get the names I will add a page within the site with all their names and hopefully E-Mail contacts as well. By having a list of Reservists and their contact, it will make it easier for anyone looking for someone to do some relief manning. So if you are a serving Reservists, or know of a serving Reservists, please contact the webmaster with the details.

where are they now

This segment is designed to keep you informed of where your fellow trade members are now. This can either be 'retired members' or 'serving members'. If you know the whereabouts of your fellow members, drop me a line and I will include them in here.

The following members have made contact over the past few years:

  • Joseph (YOGI THE BEAR) Johns, (NSW)
  • Michael Trickett, (QLD)
  • Paul Dixon, (VIC)
  • Colin Wright, (SA)
  • Jack McCosker, (NSW)
  • Mark Randell, (QLD)
  • Brian Waters, (NSW)
  • Noel Stewart, (ACT)
  • John Mitchell, (QLD)
  • Allen Gill, QLD
  • Gerry Laws, (VIC)
  • Mears, Gary, (SA)
  • Mark Grimsley, (QLD)
  • Colin 'Tractor' Ferguson, (NSW)
  • Terry New, (ACT)
  • Peter Lewin, (ACT)
  • Michael Adams, (TAS)
  • Bryan Langdon, (QLD)