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the Original SEW Courses

SEW Originals SEW Straight Through
SEW No's 1 to 4SEW Courses 1 to 4
Sorry but I don't have any details or pictures of SEW courses 1 to 4.
SEW No5SEW Course No5 (Nov to Dec 60)
Order Unknown: David Allen, Alma Bull, I.C. 'Taffy' Campbell, W.N. 'Winn' Graham, Paul O'Hara. I'm not sure about the picture, it maybe a SQN pic with the members in it.
SEW No6SEW Course No6 (Jun to Oct 62)
Back Row (L-R): Ray Drayton, Dave Jasper, Alan Cook, John Blick, Don Hunter, Col Clifton.
Front Row (L-R): Dean Jones, Graham Wiseman, WOFF Edward 'Ted' Shier, ?? King, Nancy Bower, Bob Jago, Kev Ball.
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SEW No7SEW Course No7 (Oct to Dec 63)
Sorry I don't have a course picture but these were the course members,
Order Unknown: Deslie Gaunt, Ann Forrest, John Fletcher, Peter Dor, Dave Currie, Lennis Baker, Ron Ipsen, Cliff Bernadine, Tom Mathews, Garry McGarvey, Joe Robinson, Keith Saal, Jack Warn, Colleen Whitty, Billy Hinton, Nev Hackett.
SEW No8SEW Course No8 (May to Jul 64)
Sorry I don't have a course picture but these were the course members,
Order Unknown: Wayne Winters, Terry Pollard, Roger Grayson, Alan 'Shorty' Howe, Danny McGrath, M. Parsons, Joe Puttock, C. Whiteman, P. Collins, Kevin Thorn, John Mitchell.
SEW No9SEW Course No9 (Sep 64 to Feb 65)
Sorry I don't have a course picture but these were the course members,
Order Unknown: John Harris, Barry O'Meara, Jack Newey, Prong Murray, Trevor 'Tobby' Tobler, R. 'Max' Wundenburg, Ken Boatfield, Adell Lovison, Eddy Jacobs, Col Duffield, Gordon Lowden.
SEW No10SEW Course No10 (Apr to Sep 65)
Back Row (L-R): Pete Thompson, Jim Davis, Clive Osbourne, P. Cotton, G. 'Shorty' Whitehead, Kel Grevesmuhl, Garry Hansberry, Nev Chisholm.
Front Row (L-R): Bruce Kucks, C. Raymond 'Ray' Appleby, Allan Powell, Kev Hoffman, William 'Bill' Berrill, WOFF N.M.C. ‘Jack’ Stevens, FSGT Norman Smith, SGT Harry James.
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SEW No11SEW Course No11 (Oct 65 to Mar 66)
Back Row (L-R): Vic James, Tom Thompson, Bob Bartlett, Margaret Steele(Lawrie), Tony Biggins, Ray Eyears, Alan 'Bunny' Haire.
Front Row (L-R): CPL C. Harris, Mick Millar, Mr De Jersy (QCB), FSGT Norman Smith, WOFF N.M.C. ‘Jack’ Stevens, SGT Harry James, CPL Trevor May, ?? Robinson, Des Tobler.
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SEW No12SEW Course No12 (Apr to Aug 66)
Back Row (L-R): Denis Laing, Jim Smith, Jeff Sutton, Wal Childs, Alex Nunn, Ian Buck, Andy Croker, Col Spratt, Ron Christie.
Front Row (L-R): Helen Bloomfield, Merv Kroll, FSGT George Morgan, FLGOFF N.M.C. ‘Jack’ Stevens, PLTOFF Foley, SGT Trevor May, CPL Mick O'Brien, Margaret Keating.
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SEW No13SEW Course No13 (Aug to Dec 66)
Left to Right: John Nash, Brian Hasson, John Bennett, Wayne 'Rusty' Gibbens, Steve Viser, Phil Marinich, Ron Moore, Melvin 'Doc' Holliday, Joe Johns, Adrian Phillips, Peter Nash, Dennis 'Shorty' Caswell, and kneeling are Alan 'Bunny' Haire(cse 11) & Bill Berrell(cse 10) who were helping Instructor Cpl Alan Sheppard.
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SEW No14SEW Course No14 (Jan to May 67)
Back Row (L-R): CPL Alan Sheppard, Max Drake, Neil Greene, Kev Condon, Norm Cox, Jim Bastian, Barry Root, CPL Mick O’Brien.
Front Row (L-R): Kev White, Dick Hobby, Al Murray, WOFF Norman Smith, Marion Zarzecki, Huey Trounson, ?? Shorty Wells.
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SEW No15SEW Course No15 (May to Oct 67)
Back Row (L-R): CPL Mick O’Brian, Kev Horton, Phil Blake, Paul Jamison, Bob Cotton, Paul Hargest, Jock Doyle, CPL John Darcy.
Front Row (L-R): SGT John ‘Curly’ Russel, Graeme Whitman, Eddy Marshall, Gary Young, Winnie Atwell, Ross Robinson, Morris Konneman, WOFF Norman Smith.
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SEW No16SEW Course No16 (Oct 67 to Mar 68)
Back Row (L-R): Neil Rothery, Nev Fry, Keith Harrison, Norm Robinson, Owen Jago, Dave Hagel, Jack McCosker, John Bird.
Front Row (L-R): SGT Matt Allen, Ron Smalley, Roger Fisher, WOFF Norm Smith, Fred Guthrie, Warren Gowland, SGT Ray King.
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SEW No17SEW Course No17 (Apr to Aug 68)
Back Row (L-R): Fred Dodd, Nick Lucan, Dick Szmelter, Bob Bold, Ray Theobald, H.A. 'Alan' Johnston, Morris Koneman, Tom Herbert.
Front Row (L-R): Jock Doyle, Barry Langton, Alan Carter, SGT ?? ??, WOFF Norm Smith, SGT Allan ‘Dick’ Hamill, John Raithby, Brian Waters, Gary Young.
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SEW No18SEW Course No18 (Oct 68 to Mar 69)
Back Row (L-R): Aubrey Parsons, Rosco Ross, Noel Klien, Wayne Greer, Peter Wood, Bruce Donald, Noel Stewart.
Front Row (L-R): Anthony Nichols, John Jamieson, CPL Melvin ‘Doc’ Holliday, WOFF Norm Smith, SGT Alan ‘Dick’ Hamill, Nigel Cunningham.
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SEW No19SEW Course No19 (Mar to Aug 69)
Back Row (L-R): Alan Male, Les Gallagher, Graham Darker, Gerry Laws, Alan Curro, Marty Lockyer, Ian 'Horrie' Graham, Graham 'Roy' Rogers.
Front Row L-R: Charlie Fox , Bob Cowell, FSGT Alan 'Dick' Hamill, SGT Roy 'Blue' Garbutt, Kevin Evans, Neville Burgess.
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SEW No20SEW Course No20 (Aug to Dec 69)
Sorry but I don't have a course picture but these were the course members,
Order Unknown: Ken Belgrove, Len Ballantyne, D. Margetts, Murray Fitzgerald, Don Young, Lindsay Tucker, G. Kenny, Nick Brandi, Barry Whitlam, Darrel Corp.
SEW No21SEW Course No21 (Jan to Jun 70)
Back Row (L-R): Peter Baker, Graham O’Brien, Ernie Quilan, Rod Gilmore, Eddy VanDerZwan, Mal Cunningham, Paul Daniher, Rod Verney.
Front Row (L-R): Peter Anderson, Mal Chatt, SGT Ray King, WOFF J.E. 'Bunny' Bowers, FSGT Percy Davidson, Dave Holden, Ross Milland.
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SEW No22SEW Course No22 (Aug to Dec 70)
Back Row (L-R): Lou Hof, Ric Connell, Dave Little, Scotty Adnams, Peter Wood, Fred Northfield, Les Quince.
Front Row (L-R): Aubrey Parsons, Colin Roberts, Peter Jones, WOFF J.E. ‘Bunny’ Bowers, SGT Tom Matthews, CPL Denis Laing, Steve Hodgson, Bill McKerihan.
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SEW No23SEW Course No23 (Feb to Jun 71)
Back Row (L-R): ?? Kamil(Malay), John Reid, Glen Tyack, Geoff Price, Wayne Crouch, Col Greenwood.
Front Row (L-R): ?? Jani(Malay), ?? Sidik(Malay), SGT Tom Matthews, WOFF J.E. ‘Bunny’ Bowers, CPL Denis Laing, ?? Wan Wawi(Malay).
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SEW No24SEW Course No24 (Aug to Dec 71)
Back Row (L-R): Al Taggart, Glen Durietz, Glen Morrison, E. 'Scotty' Mogg, H. 'Pete' Austin.
Front Row (L-R): Keith Kinch, Phil Blank, SGT Tom Matthews, Cecil Pearson, Bob Hixon. (Missing from photo A. Dage, T. McMillan, T. Viney)
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SEW No25SEW Course No25 (Feb to Jun 72)
Back Row (L-R): Kev Roach, ?? Lim(Malay), Ross Stone, ?? Xavier(Malay), Mal Kirkwood-Ryan, ?? Mahadevin(Malay), Bob Richards.
Front Row (L-R): Keith Copp, ?? Abu-Baker(Malay), SGT Ray Gant, FSGT Cecil Badrick, ?? Kassim-Bin-Lot(Malay), Ian Heinemann-Mirre.
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SEW No26SEW Course No26 (Jul to Nov 73)
Back Row (L-R): Michael McMasters, Tony Dunin, Dave 'Slug' Wilson, A. 'Bob' Jaynes.
Front Row (L-R): ?? Shanmugam(Malay), SGT Donald Caporn, CPL Ian McIntyre, ?? Karin Bin Arafin(Malay).
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SEW No27SEW Course No27 (Jan to Jun 75)
Back Row (L-R): Darryl King, Ken Cameron, Ken Revett, Graham Jones, Col Evans, Peter Lambert, Pat Surplice, Bill Gross, Steve McNamara.
Front Row (L-R): Ken Langton, Grant Jones, CPL Ian McIntyre, WOFF Harry James, FSGT Donald Caporn, Mick Ketchen, Ron Greer.
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