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Reunions in the Townsville area


If anyone wishes to organise a reunion in Townsville please use the EVENTS link in the ALSFITT FaceBook page or you can contact the and I will advertise it for you.

It is easy to do, all that is necessary for anyone wishing to organise a reunion is to; find a venue, preferably where drinks & food can be purchased without having to cater for it, which has a reasonable central location, that public transport be accessible, and then just pick the date and time.

One other thing to consider is that if planned during the holiday season, it may be difficult for people to get accommodation & travel.


A reunion was held in Townsville on Sun, November 8th, 2009 at the Sea View Hotel on the Strand. Quite a few had uttered an interest in this one but only a few turned up.



A reunion was held in Townsville on Sat 5th Feb 2005 at the Sea View Hotel on the Strand. There was a reasonable turn out mixed with past and present members. I also think there could have been others that where there but could not find us. There was also a couple that had traveled from Adelaide & Richmond.

  • John Mitchell
  • Wayne & Karen Brechin
  • Wayne Greenslade
  • George Morgan
  • Keith McArdle & partner
  • Al Kendall
The following had intended on coming but unfortunately couldn't make it;
  • Paul 'Shorty' Gallaway
  • Murray Griffin
  • Gary Hegarty
  • Dwayne 'Yoges' Grayson
  • Melvin 'Doc' Holiday
  • Chris Read