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Catalina aircraft used in the RAAF.

Catalina damaged by hail storm at Rathmines in 1945

This article is about the hail damage of Catalina's at Rathmines in 1945. The damage to many aircraft necessitated the posting in of many Fabric Worker's from all bases to facilitate the repairs to the airacraft in quick time. This brought about the formation of a Training School and the start of formalised training of Fabric Workers.

Hail damage at Rathmines

Note the obersvation window above and below. ~ Member Photos

hail damaged observation window

hail damaged wing

Catalinas being repared at Lake Boga, Vic in 1944 & 1945

Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force (WAAAF) and RAAF fabric workers fitting new fabric on to a mainplane of a Catalina flying boat at the RAAF Flying Boat Repair Depot. ~ Photo

fitting new fabric on to a mainplane

Two WAAAF fabric workers of the maintenance staff of No. 1 Flying-boat Repair Depot RAAF in north-western Victoria, doping the tail-unit of a Consolidated Catalina flying-boat. ~ Photo

doping the tail-unit

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